Sustainable Printing Company

Stop worrying about the environment with our eco-friendly printing service!

Many people assume that printing is damaging for the environment because of the sheer volume of paper we use in the industry, but this is no longer the case. These days the printing industry is much more environmentally friendly.

At Print Bureau, we use only FSC certified paper, which is eco friendly and sustainable paper. When you use Print Bureau, you are actively contributing to protecting the planet’s forests.

FSC certification guarantees that forests are managed responsibly and that supply chains are transparent, allowing full tracing of wood back to the source.

In well managed FSC certified forests, only individual or small groups of trees are felled, avoiding clear cutting and large areas of deforestation. There are agreed logging routes and well planned replanting schedules in order to maintain wildlife habitats and biodiversity. FSC certification helps to protect waterways, species and rare or threatened ecosystems.

With FSC, paper has once again become a sustainable resource and forests are now protected by participation by the printing industry.

Our FSC paper is available in the following paper types:

Regular matt paper
Silk paper (gloss finish)
Recycled paper
Natural paper
and many other finishes...

Choose Print Bureau for environmentally friendly & sustainable printing.