We all have been listening for years that magazines, newsletters and print brochures are dead, a thing of the past, superceeded by the Internet. However, one could argue printed publications have still an important role to play in today’s communications, it is only a matter of finding their right niche…

Online communications is fast paced, tweets, instant messaging and blog posts can reach millions in minutes, bring ideas and news everywhere by a simple click of a button. But just as these news are reaching your smartphones, tablets and PCs, another ‘big event’ is already pushing forward and making yesterday news ancient history.

Printed communications however give everyone the chance to read, and to take your time and read again. In this world completely dominated by electronic media, printing grabs your attention once more, and most importantly, it holds it!!

Here is a few reasons why printed magazines, newsletters and brochures can still pack some punch for your marketing:

It Grabs Audience Attention
With less and less printing on our desk, magazines and brochures stand out a lot more. I would dare to say all of us would spend more time reading a handwritten letter from a friend than his or her email or Facebook post.

Print is the New Media
Social media, online content, blogs… all have become the traditional media, what everybody does… Print breaks the mold again, the old is the new, and with that the commercial impact of the old becomes also new and strong.

Print Excites People
Once again, the fleeting nature of online communications make the electronic medium less attactive to people than print, more common! Ask yourself, if somebody asked you to do an interview, where would you like to see it published, on the home page or the front page of the main local newspaper? There is excitment in print, in its more permanent nature.

Print Lets People Unplug
The days where we went online to unplug from our daily routine are long gone. As the matter of fact, we are constantly plugged to our mobile, our email, our SMS and tweets. Have you lately experienced the relaxing feeling of putting your mobile away and just simply browse the pages of a colourful magazine?

If you think these arguments are convicing enough, you may want to reconsider your marketing budget to include printing for next year. And if you do, make sure your print supplier offers you the right balance in terms of design, printing, finishing, distribution and cost. With more than 25 years experience in this sector and having produced thousands of magazines, newsletters and brochures, Print Bureau is just the right company to deliver your “New Printed Media”.

We know everyone’s requirements are different, so why not call us to discuss your project. We’ll advise you regarding everything from design to delivery, and provide you with a quotation for the full job.

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