While most business begin to catch on with the power and efficiency of online strategy and social media to generate real business leads and increased revenue, professional marketeers are going full circle…

The strengths of online marketing are undeniable: flexibility, larger audience reach, low cost when compared with traditional marketing methods, fast response speed and many more sector specific advantages. But it is precisely these strengths such as flexibility and response speed that makes online marketing campaigns very short lived and difficult to maintain at full efficiency for a relatively long period of time. Let’s face it, we are reading a tweet about a special event and within minutes, our attention is shifted to a different promotion in Facebook, and so on. Yesterday’s promotion or event may as well have happened years ago. Nowadays we are exposed to more advertising messages in a day than ten years ago we would have been seen in a week or more.

In this fast communications environment printing is finding a rebirth. Despite its lack of flexibility and higher associated costs, printing has a higher visual impact to general audiences as it demands a higher level of attention from viewers. Printed publications do not fade away as fast as online news and they make a long lasting impression among readers. A magazine, brochure or a newspaper for that matter would still be on your desk after your smartphone or tablet stops spitting news at you!

So the question for small companies lacking specialised marketing advice is: where do I concentrate my marketing budget? The answer is simple, combine the strengths of both online and printed media to maximise results.

For example, you could firstly organise design and print a high quality product brochure for you business, ensuring the most attractive features of what you are selling are on display. Secondly, you could setup a website where further details and pricing would be available to the public. Finally you could organise the brochure to be delivered to your customers ensuring they know they can get further details and pricing online.The result would be a marketing effort where you combine printing longer lasting impressions and the ability to update pricing or details of your product offering.

Another example… design, print and distribute a flyer with a promotion that involves website or social media registration in order to avail of a discount, a prize, etc. You could even introduce QR codes to your printing to enable your audience to quickly interact with your publications to seamlessly move to your online media. The combinations are endless, all it requires is a bit of creative thinking and the advice of web specialist and a professional printer.

At Print Bureau we have more than 25 years experience producing only good quality print for businesses throughout Ireland. But that is not all, we have been using online marketing for years and we know how to undertake this type of combined promotions and make the most of your printing budget.

We know everyone’s multimedia marketing requirements are different, so why not call us to discuss your project. We’ll advise you regarding everything from design to delivery, and provide you with a quotation for the full job.

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