So the question on everybody’s mind as we approach the Christmas period is, where do I concentrate my marketing budget, online or printing? Well, the answer is simple, both!!

Just like for many years professional marketeers have combined radio and television with their printed advertising and promotions, these days we add another medium, the digital medium. By cleverly designing your promotions you can effectively combine for example a printed promotion or loyalty scheme with a online competition or discount offer.

Here is another example/tip where Print Bureau can be be of assistance, an easy two step process to bring all details of your products to a busy point of sale environment without needing to negotiate with the retailer for shelf space.

First, ensure all your product information is published on your website in a user friendly fashion and that your current promotion or competition is clearly stated online and ready to engage the public. Now, lets bring it to the shop floor…

Second, call Print Bureau and ask our team of professional designers to help you prepare one of the many point of sale displays available such as: Tent Cards, Neck Collars, Wobblers, Shelf Talkers, Strut Cards, Display Cubes, Pavement Signs, Outdoor Banners, Labels, Stickers, Posters, etc. Remember, when dealing with POS marketing, visual impact is of the essence and it is necessary to trade detailed information for attention grabbing messages. Our designers can help you overcome this limitation by incorporating a QR to your POS advertising, and therefore linking the floor promotion with the more detailed elaborate online counterpart.

And did you know QR codes are not only about website links  and can also contain limited product information and other details? To find out more about QR codes CLICK HERE, or easier, just contact Print Bureau, to learn how to make your marketing more effective. We can help you from design concept to print and delivery, we can suggest sizes, shapes and materials, whether you are based in Dublin or anywhere in Ireland.

We know everyone’s requirements are different, so why not call us to discuss your project. We’ll advise you regarding everything from design to delivery, and provide you with a quotation for the full job.

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