Contrary to what most people think, choosing the right printer to produce your corporate brochure, your quarterly newsletter or your product catalogue is not just about cost. Someone said:

“Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.”

So what besides prices makes a printer a better choice or better quality than others? Here are a few points you may want to consider.

  • Graphic Design. It is a proven fact that good design makes a big difference to visual communications and ultimately to the success of your publication. High graphic design standards are a mark of professionalism, and a key to printing success. Ask your printer who is in charge of their graphic design and ask to see samples of similar productions, from corporate image and stationery to brochures to magazine typesetting.
  • Printing Equipment. Nowadays there are a wide variety of printing techniques, from traditional lithographic printing to digital, screen or wide format printing. For each printing method, a large choice of equipment is available to professional printing companies. A decent investment is required for a printing company to purchase and maintain the necessary equipment to yield high quality standards. This is particular poignant for printing companies offering different printing methods and need litho presses, digital printers, etc. Ask your printer about their printing machines and the services they can produce in-house.
  • Software and PrePress Equipment. Over the last ten to fifteen years, digital equipment has been slowly replacing other traditional machinery improving quality and turnaround speed. This has also made possible some specialist printing services such as personalisation and printing on particular materials. Ask your printer to explain how designs make it to the printing floor in their business and what specialist services can they offer you.
  • Finishing Equipment. Printing is just a small part of producing a printed publication. Often other related finishing services are required, such as die cutting, binding, laminating, varnishing, packing, etc. In house availability of this equipment will give a printer more control on their deadlines, the quality of their work and ultimately its cost. Again a decent investment in finishing equipment is a mark of a reputable good quality printer, ask your supplier how many of these services they can provide and if they do it from their premises.
  • Delivery time and methods. A professional printer is expected to accurately plan the workload in the shop and maintain fast and reliable turnaround times. Part of this process is utilising a reliable delivery organisation to ensure the final publication reaches its destination within the agree deadlines and with no hidden costs. Ask your printer what is their average project turnaround time, how printing is delivered and what costs are involved in that.
  • Top Specialist Staff. For a printing company to offer high design standards, quality printing, modern specialist services, precise and crisp finishing and on time delivery a team of specialist professionals is needed in each area, including project management, accounts and sales. Ask your printer about their team and how each area of the printing process is handled.

Now let me give you another quote:

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives”

At Print Bureau we believe in quality and we work very hard to maintain it by ensuring our graphic design is outstanding, by investing in the best printing and finishing equipment possible to give us quality, control and quick turnarounds, by utilising the latest software and specialist systems and by partnering with the most reliable transport and delivery suppliers.

But most importantly, Print Bureau is about a team of outstanding professionals that will handle every step of the printing process to the highest standards. We do not disappoint…

Now, you are ready to ask for prices!!

We know everyone’s requirements are different, so why not call us to discuss your project. We’ll advise you regarding everything from design to delivery, and provide you with a quotation for the full job.

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