Well-managed, FSC certified forests guarantee that future generations will be able to experience nature, not just read about it.

The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is one of the leading third-party forest certification organisations in the world. Their principle goal is to set responsible forest management practices and principles for companies in the forestry industry and paper manufacturers would be one of this sectors.

To receive accreditation as a responsible forest manager under the FSC, a company must ensure that the benefits of the forest are shared among multiple stakeholders. FSC certified forests are evaluated against 10 principles and 57 criteria for responsible forest management. Among other things, they ensure that waterways and wildlife habitat and species are protected, and high conservation value forests that contain biodiversity values and rare or threatened ecosystems are preserved.

At Print Bureau we ensure all papers used in our printing press are manufactured by FSC Certified companies. By supporting FSC products we understand that as people use more paper, suppliers and manufacturers will plant more trees across the world. Contrary to general misconceptions, properly managed forest does not deplete the world’s tree population but actually makes it larger…

You can read more at: https://us.fsc.org/en-us

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