With the increase in popularity of Digital Media and the change in the way we do business, many analysts considered Print Media to be dead and Online Marketing the way to the future. While it is true that Online Strategy is a powerful tool, the print industry is far from dead. In fact, Print Marketing has continued to grow alongside new technologies.

Direct Mail is still used heavily in retail advertising. According to various business surveys, over 75% of small businesses consider their ideal marketing strategy, a combination of print and digital communications. These are a few reasons why print is and will remain and effective tool to deliver your message to your target audiences:

Variable Printing

Although variable printing is not a new process, new advances in data merge printing software has made it easier and more economical to implement. With variable printing, we can uniquely customise each piece of your marketing media by changing some of the graphic elements from unit to unit. For example, at Print Bureau we regularly produce postcards with the unique name of the recipient added to the artwork, or unique coupons with individual serial numbers that can be sent to targeted public.

Print Bureau is also an agent for An Post and we can also handle mailing and posting of these personalised material.

QR Codes and NFC

As smart phones ad tablet technologies develop, so too has the interactivity of these with print media. Such is the case of the popular QR codes that can be used to embed a variety of information that can be translated into digital data by means of a scanning software… website addresses, contact details and much more. Our design team will be able to prepare these QR codes to suit all your requirements

NFC or Near-Field Communications is a new technology that while not available in all mobile electronic devices, it is sure to replace QR in the near future. NFC technology uses a tiny microchip that is integrated onto the printing media (ie: board, pvc, etc) that when tapped against the mobile device allows a connection and transfer of any preset information.

Print and Social Media

Social networking has been an integral part of business marketing way before Facebook and Twitter made their appearance in the marketing scene. The humble Business Card, is till one of the most powerful tools for networking. Cards and postcards are nowadays combined with references to online social media making their reach and communications impact stronger and more effective.

Print Marketing is now used Less and therefore it stands out More

As all most companies embrace and strengthen their digital communications, they also find it more difficult to compete for their audience’s attention. This increase in Online Marketing activities has created a void in Print Marketing that is being effectively filled by companies with a Multimedia Marketing strategy.

And it is not only about filling a ‘void’, it is also about the quality of the communications. Online marketing messages are fast and short lived whereas printed communications are more in-depth and involve and increased level of attention by the audience.

Our advice is to carefully plan you Marketing strategy to combine both Print and Online media. Make sure to maximise the strengths of each medium to compliment each other for enhanced results. Then pick up the phone and contact us for advice on how to make the most of both your Print and Online Marketing material.

We know everyone’s requirements are different, so why not call us to discuss your project. We’ll advise you regarding everything from design to delivery, and provide you with a quotation for the full job.

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